Toyota Rav4 is good for long distances, easy and economical to drive car, it has an extra power (4WD) that supports its sporty, compact and robust nature. According to our experience, this RAV4 is reliable and can take you to all corners of Uganda in any season. We have both four-speed automatic transmission and manual transmission as well as in continuous four-wheel-drive, an excellent feature given the hilly terrain of parts of Uganda, Rwanda and other East African countries. It has a low fuel consumption compared to other 4x4 models and good for Budget travelers hence giving you an excellent value for your money. Our two models have the same engine and transmission specifications, they include a smaller 3-door suitable for up to two people with camping and a reasonable amount of luggage, and The standard 5-door Rav4, which can fit up to four people along with their luggage. This car is recommended for budget self-drive trips