Most of Ugandan roads conditions are good according to African standards. Primary roads radiating out of Kampala to all the four corners of Uganda are asphalted and ever improving. However the direct road connecting Masindi and Murchison Falls Park from Fort portal, from Soroti to Mbale and north beyond Gulu towards Kidepo national Park are unsurfaced. This will greatly reduce the travel speed, and driving a Land cruiser is more comfortable. The condition of these roads and the minor B-roads (as around Bwindi area including neighboring Rwanda) tend to be variable from one season to another, and are most difficult to drive through during the rainy season.

We have been exploring Uganda by road for many years and have found that the experience is rewarding and safe as long as the following precautions are followed:

Drive at or below the speed limit (100 km/h on the highway, though we would advise 80 km/h; and 50 km/h in urban areas). Beware of unmarked speed bumps which are plentiful in many parts of the country, especially at the entrance of towns.


Avoid driving at night; the potholes are difficult to see and oncoming traffic often uses blinding high-beams. Always carry some cash, water, and a charged mobile phone to handle any situation. Purchasing a local SIM card (mobile number) is an inexpensive and advisable option for better coverage. Keep in mind that a flat tyre can happen easily! It is part of the adventure and can be fixed quickly at almost any service station.

As you will discover soon enough, traffic in Uganda drives on the left side of the road….