Self Drive Car Hire

Self-drive Car Rentals have gained huge popularity in  Uganda for the last few years because of their flexibility and Freedom. When you book a self drive car with us you are not only booking a car  but you are also getting trip advice to plan well your trip/tour or even your Airport transfer from one of our experienced trip/tour consultants. They will help you plan the trip/tour and customize it because we do provide Tailor made trips/tours to suit your interests.

Why do we have so few planned trips/tours? This is the reason why. These tours/trips are just to show you our own trip ideas and what most people want to do. In almost every trip/tour we sell, we change the trip plan very much from its origin. Just book a self-drive car from our fleet or contact us and see if we can make the perfect trip for you and your fellow travelers for a very reasonable price because we are tailor made trip/tour specialists.