Toyota Hiace Min Bus /Mini Van

Our Toyota Mini buses are customized for Tourism; with open roof for tourists view plenty of attractions when in national parks. It has a plenty of head, shoulder and leg room for all onboard too, with every position a forward-facing one and – with expansive glass down each side of the cabin – views for all as well. The interior of the Hiace Minibus is a big space to fill, but there’s full cabin air conditioning thank to ceiling vents that deliver fresh air even to the very back row. There are also grab handles on the rear of all seat backs, and every seat features a three-point sash and lap seatbelt and contoured headrests for extra comfort.

The engine has 100kW of power and 300Nm of torque, so in conjunction with the 4 speed electronically controlled (ECT) automatic transmissions, even with a full load onboard; it’ll always deliver smooth power across the entire journey.

The Hiace Minibus’s sliding side door has been designed with passengers in mind. The door is suitably wide and, together with the recessed step within the Minibus’s floor, there’s ample head room for an easy entry and exit when you’re ferrying passengers across town.